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.. brings the mystery of eternity and inspires the stream of thoughts and
wonder in what comes after the dark reflections of the abyss.
The colours of the sea gives hope that after darkness comes light. The sea holds the abyss, the power of consuming and destroying, yet carries the beauty, joy, life and love.
For ages people have been believing in the healing power of opal. It is reported to
have solve depressions and to help its wearer find true and real love.
The colour palette in the collection is inspired by the naive colour of the fish
and the blue holes in the sea. The shapes, twirls and patterns in the gold have
a strong reference to the traces of sea snails, sea shells and fossils
Orit Elhanati Jewellery
Orit Elhanati | Mezuzah | Necklace
Orit Elhanati | Mezuzah | Ring
Orit Elhanati Gold Hoop
Orit Elhanati Mezuzah Earring
Orit Elhanati | Mezuzah | Bracelet