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Small Worlds TEL AVIV necklace. Handcrafted in 18k yellow gold with white diamonds, pink, yellow, orange and blue sapphires and white water opal. Choose your pendant and select the chain of your choice.Do you need help selecting the right piece? Contact

  • 18K Gold
  • White diamonds
  • Pink, yellow, orange and blue sapphires
  • White Water Opal
  • Pictured with Israel Chain
  • Pendant Size – W2.2cm x H1.8cm *2.4cm with Jump Rings
  • Handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark

A glimpse through a window. Dreams captured in small worlds, drifting away on magical journeys on a fine border between reality and dreams. The mystical energy, exploding in an exotic, naive colour mecca. A compass to lead us through the chaotic path, a joyful dance to happiness. The world is our childish playground, life is a circus. Seven necklaces and four rings, each with its own name and place in the world. Pendants are available with 46cm or 56cm chains of your choice.
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